ÉS Shoes Two Nine 8 Skateshop Day Exclusive - White/Red

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The highly sought-after éS sneaker is making a comeback under a new moniker. Reintroduced as the Two Nine 8, this iconic colorway is making its return just in time for Skate Shop Day 2024. Act fast to secure your pair of Two Nine 8s before they're gone – they're bound to sell out instantly.


  • 400 NBS Rubber Cupsole for grip and flexibility
  • Internal EVA midsole for impact cushioning.
  • Molded EVA footbed for comfort
  • Hidden lace loops for optional lace protection
  • Mesh underlays for breathability
  • Padded tongue and collar for fit and support
  • Reflective details
  • Triple stitching for added durability
  • Lycra tongue straps for improved fit

Calling all skateboard enthusiasts and sneaker aficionados, prepare to be amazed! The iconic second pro model of the legendary Eric Koston is staging a grand comeback, now more exceptional than ever. Introducing the eS Two Nine 8 Skate Shoes – a masterpiece that fuses style, performance, and innovation in an unparalleled combo. Gear up and let's explore everything about this momentous return.

Eric Koston: A Skateboarding Phenomenon

Eric Koston, often hailed as the "Michael Jordan" of skateboarding, is celebrated for his fluid style, technical prowess, and innovative contributions to skateboarding. His influence extends far beyond his skateboarding feats, making him a pivotal figure in the skate culture.

Journey from the Beginning

Raised in San Bernardino, California, Koston embarked on his skateboarding journey at 11, thanks to his brother's old skateboard. His talent was undeniable, leading him to leave school at 15 to pursue skateboarding full-time. His big break came in 1992 when he joined the 101 team in Los Angeles, thanks to Natas Kaupas. By 1993, Koston had turned pro with the H-Street Team, showcasing his exceptional switch stance skills.

Transformative Impact on Skateboarding

Eric Koston's influence on skateboarding is monumental. He introduced a new level of technical skill and creativity to street skating, inspiring countless others globally. Off the board, Koston significantly impacted skate culture, notably co-creating the S.K.A.T.E. invitational event, echoing basketball's H.O.R.S.E. game, which challenges skaters to replicate each other's tricks.

The Evolution of Koston's Iconic Shoes

  • 1997: The journey began with the K1, crafted by Don Brown, marking one of skateboarding's most revered signature shoes. eS later revisited it as the EK-01, incorporating System G2 gel cushioning. After Koston joined Lakai in 2007, they revived the design, and today, eS proudly reissues this classic as the One Nine 7.

  • 1998: The K2 emerged as Eric Koston's second signature model with eS. This collaboration leveraged Koston's deep skateboarding insight to produce a shoe that met his exacting standards. Renowned for being the first skate shoe with an EVA midsole and featuring a distinctive lacing system, the K2 set a new benchmark in skate shoe design, combining aesthetics with practicality.

Decades after its original debut, the legendary skate shoe is back with a reissue that not only preserves the cherished features and design of the original but also integrates contemporary technological enhancements.

But don't just take our word for it – feedback from skaters who have tested the reissued model offers a firsthand glimpse into the experience with this iconic skate shoe.

A Wave of Nostalgia and Excitement The overwhelming response from those who've laced up the reissued shoes is a mix of excitement and nostalgia. The joy of witnessing a beloved skate shoe from their younger days returning to shelves has been palpable among enthusiasts. "I can't believe they brought these back!" echoes the sentiment of many, with one individual sharing, "I used to skate these all the time in high school, and now it feels like I'm stepping back into my prime."

Testament to Durability For skateboarders, the longevity of their footwear is critical. Reviewers have been quick to note that the reissued eS Two Nine 8 Skate Shoes live up to their legacy of durability. With robust stitching and premium materials, these sneakers are built to endure the rigors of skateboarding, ensuring that skaters can push their limits without worry.

Launch Details Mark your calendars for Skate Shop Day 2024, as these iconic shoes will be available exclusively at skate shops starting February 17th. Secure your pair by pre-ordering through us to ensure you don't miss out on this piece of skateboarding history.