Vans Half Cab Skate shoes Dark Olive

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The all-new Skate Classics line has been completely redesigned with skaters in mind, offering enhanced features to facilitate maximum progression. The Skate Classics Half Cab, in particular, has undergone significant improvements to cater to skaters' needs. With a fully revised upper, molded heel counter, locked-in tongue straps, and a recut of the DURACAP™ underlay, it provides an essential fit that prioritizes breathability and durability where it matters most.

Introducing the NEW SKATE CLASSICS - an iconic style specifically engineered for skateboarding enthusiasts. The fully revised uppers are constructed with robust suede and canvas, featuring locked-in tongue straps and two-part foxing to establish greater contact with the board during tricks and maneuvers.

Experience the legendary grip of our proprietary SICKSTICK™ gum rubber compound, taken to the next level in terms of both traction and durability.

Embrace the POPCUSH™ cushioning, a standard best-in-class upgrade by Vans. The new POPCUSH™ insoles offer excellent impact protection and consistent energy return, ensuring optimal performance across all styles of skating. These insoles retain their shape and resilience, even after prolonged use.

The Skate Classics line also boasts unrivaled durability, thanks to reinforced DURACAP™ underlays. These underlays are specifically engineered to withstand the daily rigors and abuse associated with skateboarding.

In summary, the all-new Skate Classics line presents a reimagined approach with skaters' needs at the forefront. With improved features such as revised uppers, enhanced grip, premium cushioning, and superior durability, these shoes are designed to empower skaters and elevate their performance on the board.