Globe G2 Razo 8.25" Complete Ozar

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Experience the pinnacle of art and performance with the G2 Razo Complete 8.25" skateboard in the captivating Ozar design. This complete skateboard showcases exceptional art and aesthetic details, making it a top choice for skateboarders seeking the best.

The deck is constructed from Resin-7 hard rock maple, offering both durability and a full concave shape for enhanced control. The 5.5" Tensor Hollow Kingpin trucks provide stability and reliable performance, ensuring a smooth ride. The 53mm 101a wheels deliver excellent grip and speed, suitable for various skateboarding styles and terrains.

Featuring artwork by Andrew Razo, a native of NYC and lifelong skateboarder, this complete skateboard not only performs well but also catches the eye with its stunning design. The deck is finished with die-cut grip tape, featuring a top print that adds an extra touch of style.

Get ready to elevate your skateboarding experience with the G2 Razo Complete 8.25" skateboard. Its Resin-7 hard rock maple construction, high-performance Tensor Hollow Kingpin trucks, and 53mm 101a wheels ensure a superior ride. Stand out from the crowd and enjoy the combination of art and performance that this complete skateboard offers.