Globe Shooter 32" Cruiser Ramones/Hey Ho

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Get ready to have a blast while shredding with the Shooter 32" Cruiser Board in Ramones/Hey Ho. Designed for pure enjoyment, this complete board features a deck with a mellow concave, steep nose and tail kick, constructed from resin-7 hard rock maple and Canadian maple cross plies.

Equipped with 6.0" Tensor Alloy trucks, the Shooter ensures stability and precise control for your riding pleasure. The 55mm Conical 101a wheels provide an optimal balance between grip and speed, while the split black and printed grip tape guarantees a secure and stylish foothold.

Featuring iconic Ramones cassette-tape artwork on the paint-dipped deck, this board showcases its rebellious spirit. The split black grip tape with print adds a touch of personality to the overall design.

With dimensions of 32"x8.6", the Shooter Cruiser Board offers a compact and maneuverable size for cruising and performing tricks with ease.

Get ready to hit the streets and show off your style with the Shooter 32" Cruiser Board. Its well-crafted components, unique design, and attention to detail will ensure a memorable and enjoyable shredding experience.