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Introducing the Birdhouse Elliot Sloan Nychos Deck 8.5" - a skateboard deck that brings together the creative forces of Elliot Sloan and Nychos, resulting in a visually stunning and high-performance masterpiece.

The Birdhouse Elliot Sloan Nychos Deck 8.5" is a testament to the fusion of art and skateboarding. Designed in collaboration with renowned skateboarder Elliot Sloan and acclaimed artist Nychos, this deck showcases their combined talents and artistic vision in a captivating and unique way.

Featuring a striking graphic created by Nychos, the deck displays a mesmerizing illustration that combines intricate details and bold colors. The artwork depicts a surreal and energetic portrayal of Elliot Sloan in mid-air, executing one of his signature aerial maneuvers. The combination of Nychos' distinct artistic style and Sloan's dynamic skateboarding presence creates a visually captivating image that demands attention and evokes a sense of awe.

With a width of 8.5", this deck offers stability and control, making it ideal for skaters who prefer a wider platform under their feet. The generous width provides ample space for solid foot placement and a comfortable stance, allowing riders to feel confident and locked in during their tricks and transitions. The medium concave shape enhances control and responsiveness, giving skaters the ability to execute technical maneuvers with precision.

Crafted from high-quality seven-ply maple wood, the Birdhouse Elliot Sloan Nychos Deck 8.5" offers exceptional durability and strength. It is designed to withstand the demands of high-impact skateboarding, ensuring longevity and reliability throughout countless sessions. This deck is a reliable companion that can handle the challenges of any terrain or trick you throw at it, empowering you to push your limits and explore new possibilities.

Beyond its remarkable performance, the Birdhouse Elliot Sloan Nychos Deck 8.5" serves as a true piece of art that reflects your appreciation for skateboarding and creativity. It embodies the spirit of individuality and self-expression that defines the skateboarding culture, showcasing the harmonious blend of athleticism and artistry. By riding this deck, you not only showcase your skills but also carry a piece of Elliot Sloan and Nychos' artistic vision with you.

Whether you're an avid skateboarder seeking a deck that combines artistic beauty with outstanding performance or an art enthusiast looking to add a unique piece to your collection, the Birdhouse Elliot Sloan Nychos Deck 8.5" is a must-have. It represents the convergence of skateboarding and art in a way that celebrates creativity, skill, and the boundless possibilities that come with pushing the boundaries of both disciplines. Get ready to ride and display a work of art with the Birdhouse Elliot Sloan Nychos Deck 8.5".