Omen Mindful 41.5" Longboard Complete

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The Mindful 41.5" Longboard is fresh out of the Omen woodshop with all new graphics and a tweaking ride. The Mindful is a full size symmetrical board paired up with some twin freestyle kicks and a nice cruisy flex to pump yourself while carving and add more fun to your ride. A perfect choice for any rider looking for a first longboard to commute for long distance or just carve the streets. The Mindful has a nice radial concave making it comfortable and stable to ride. Small twin kicks will let you throw down some flat-land kooky tricks with a little bit of freestyle cross stepping it thats what your thing.

All Omen complete longboards come with some Premium Components:

  • Bear Trucks 181mm smooth turns, full control, an all round truck that combines the best features for cruising and carving, very well known for that.
  • Free Wheel Co Spirits 70mm 78a, grippy, smooth for all terrain with a versatile width to get some sliding action happening when pushed sideways.
  • Free Quickees Bearings, great performance Built In bearings

One fun longboard that combines the advantages of its design for long distance commuting and the fun of carving, cruising, and fresty