ProTec Ankle Brace L/XL

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The ProTec IPS Ankle Brace features a built-in lateral support system for maximum prevention against sprains and other ankle-related injuries. A soft and comfortable lace-up fit system and a flexible, non-constricting arch support allows your foot to maintain complete mobility and range of motion.

ProTec IPS Ankle Brace / Features:

  • Soft & comfortable
  • Lace-up fit system

ProTec IPS Ankle Brace / Bottom Line:

The ProTec IPS Ankle Brace, a support brace for biking and skateboarding. This soft comfortable ankle brace laces up and then is sinched tight with wide straps to keep your foot and ankle stable and comfortable. A great support brace for BMX and mountain biking, skateboarding or longboarding.