Softrucks Trucks Black (Pair)

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Build skill, style, and strength.
Learn and perfect technical tricks anytime, anywhere.     INDOOR or OUTDOOR

Use them in a spare room, in the garage, in the basement, outside or wherever mom and dad says it is ok.

Practice every trick imaginable, invent new ones. For beginners or professionals.
4 point contact, absorbs shock and adds stability.  Realistic truck height, weight, and feel.
The "Hole adds pop for higher ollies.Engineered for maximum height and performance.

Practice inside when it,s too cold or wet out.
They say practice makes perfect so maybe you can be safer learning the trick better before putting your trucks and wheels back on.

Hareware included. Bolt them to any deck.

Softtrucks are innovative urethane practice trucks for learning and perfecting fundamentals and advanced technical flip tricks.  Ollies,pop shoves,triple flips, 360 flips,switch tricks and all sorts of complex flip variations are now achievable, quickly and safely.  Softtrucks eliminate the rolling action while maintaining the familiar feel of standard trucks.  The result provides riders of all abilities a powerful platform for developing and improving board skills anytime, anywhere.
Learn faster. Helps develop balance, confidence and muscle memory. Build style and strength.  Ollie higher.  Promotes proper foot placement and body positioning.  Understand trick dynamics.  Work combos and switch tricks.

But most of all have fun and be safe.