Almost Skateboards has been a leading skateboard name since its creation in 2003. It was founded by skateboarding legends Rod Mullen and Daewoo Song. Before starting Almost Skateboards, Mullen was part of Enjoi (still alive today) while Song had created Artafact, a short-lived skate brand.

Almost Skateboards is part of Dwindle Distribution, one of the world’s top skateboarding product distributors whose brand portfolio include big names such as Blind, Darkstar, Enjoi, Andalé, Tensor, Dusters California, etc.

Almost skateboards – and other brands in the Dwindle realm – enjoy a very strong reputation in the skateboarding community, widely considered a high-end brand. Young skateboarders generally trust the brand due to the near-legend status of founder Rod Mullen and the high-profile names in the brand’s pro team.

Almost is perceived as authentic and made by skateboarders for skateboarders without compromise on quality. Many skateboarders praise the Almost decks for their shapes, durability, and pop, and are often willing to pay a premium price for these boards.

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