About us

Welcome to Parksideskateshop, your one-stop-shop for all things skateboarding. Skater owned and operated, Parkside Skateshop has been supplying quality skateboarding goods to the Mid-Mo skate community since 2009. Our mission is to provide high-quality skate gear and accessories to skateboarders of all levels, while promoting the skating community and culture.

At Parksideskateshop, we believe in the power of skating to connect people, push boundaries, and foster creativity. Our commitment is to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment where skaters can feel supported and inspired. We also host a variety of events such as contests, demos, and skate camp to bring together the skateboarding community and stoke the flame of skateboarding for future generations to come.

In addition, we work with local municipalities to get local skate laws amended and new skateparks built to improve the skate scene. We are committed to being a positive force in the community and making skateboarding accessible to everyone.

We offer a wide range of products, including skateboards, trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape, shoes, clothing, and accessories. Our products are carefully selected from the best brands in the industry, and we are constantly updating our inventory to offer the latest and greatest gear.

At Parksideskateshop, our employees have several years of skateboarding experience ensuring that our customers will receive knowledgeable help. We are passionate about skateboarding and are always happy to offer advice, answer questions, or just chat about skating.

Thank you for visiting Parksideskateshop. We hope to see you soon at our shop, where you can meet fellow skaters, check out the latest gear, and be part of our vibrant skating community.