Globe Big Blazer 32" Cruiser Red Toadstool

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Introducing the eye-catching Big Blazer in Red Toadstool. This medium-length cruiser is crafted from Resin 7 hard rock maple, ensuring durability and responsiveness. The diamond-tail design adds a touch of style and enhances maneuverability.

Not only does the Big Blazer offer a smooth ride, but it also comes with a built-in bottle opener, perfect for enjoying your favorite beverage on the go. How convenient!

Equipped with a mellow concave and kicktail, this board allows for precise control and agile turns. The 62mm 78a conical cruiser wheels are designed to resist abrasion while providing a comfortable ride. The 6.0" Tensor alloy trucks ensure stability and reliable performance.

Get ready to hit the streets with the Big Blazer in Red Toadstool, where style and functionality merge seamlessly. Enjoy the ride and stay refreshed with the built-in bottle opener.