Emerica OG-1 Skate Shop Day 2024 Exclusive TAN / NAVY

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Exciting news awaits all skateboarding enthusiasts! Skate Shop Day, an event dedicated to celebrating the unique bond between skateboarders and their favorite local skate shops, is just around the corner. This annual celebration, taking place on the second Saturday of February, is not only a tribute to skateboarding as a sport but also a lifestyle. It's a day when skateboarders worldwide unite to support local businesses and revel in the camaraderie of the skateboarding community. Shops seize this opportunity to introduce their latest offerings, extend exclusive discounts, and organize engaging activities like demonstrations and competitions.

In the spotlight for this year's Skate Shop Day is the Emerica OG-1 skateboard shoe, a legendary icon in the skateboarding world. Debuting in the late 90s, these shoes quickly captured the hearts of professional skaters, thanks to their robust construction, exceptional comfort, and stylish design.

Why are the OG-1 shoes a must-have? Created by pro skateboarders, Emerica's OG-1 pays homage to their very first skate shoe design, embodying authenticity and a deep connection to skateboarding roots. These shoes stand out with their timeless design, featuring a sleek and uncluttered look that remains ever-fashionable. This year's exclusive Tan Navy colorway is a tribute to the Original MJ1, launched in 1998 and instantly hailed as one of the top skate shoes. Emerica has always been celebrated for its straightforward, functional, and sturdy designs, and the OG-1 is no exception. Balancing perfectly between being neither too bulky nor too slim, it offers just the right mix of padding, cushioning, board feel, and style. Endorsed by Marc Johnson, the OG-1 isn't just a shoe, it's a testament to skateboarding's enduring spirit.

The Tech:

  • Features a bulletproof full rubber cupsole for ultimate durability and protection

  • Suede/mesh upper provides breathability and comfort while skating

  • Triple stitch reinforcements in high-wear zones ensure long-lasting wear

  • Classic herringbone tread offers excellent grip on the skateboar

  • Skate Shop Day presents a perfect chance for skaters to back small businesses while snagging essential gear, such as the Emerica OG-1 shoes. Renowned for their performance-oriented build, classic aesthetic, and deep roots in skateboarding culture, these shoes are essential for any dedicated skater. Seize the moment to secure a pair of these exclusive sneakers and demonstrate your support for skate shops on February 17, 2024!