Fallen T-GUN Sand VIibes Skate Shoes

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Inspired by all of Tommy's favorite past signature models, we designed this beauty with as many features as possible.

With a classic Vulcanized construction, the one-piece toe will give you a much better board feel. You'll never find a Sandoval signature model without our True Fit feature. Mix that with our Abrasion Resistant Outsole, Impact Foam Insole, Natural Suede + Cotton Twill, and you have a very capable shoe that covers all of your most important bases.

- Vulcanized Construction
- Abrasion Resistant Outsole with Heel Drag Reinforcement
- Impact Foam Insole for long-lasting impact cushioning, which helps prevent heel bruising
- True Fit support adds comfort and support around the in-step arch of the foot
- Natural Suede + Cotton Twill (depending on the style & color)

Reinforced rubber on heel to resist heel wear and improve durability.

To create a snug form fit, we utilized a wider, softer, elastic tongue strap. This feature adds comfort and support around the instep area of the foot.

The insole technology we designed gives you the highest quality standard for all of the shoes in our lineup. The bottom bee panel” design gives you extra air inside the shoe, making it more breathable and adds much more comfort.