Moose - Black Pintail Complete 9" x 43"

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Presenting a remarkable deck measuring 9" x 43", constructed with 8-plys of premium Canadian Maple. This classic pintail-shaped deck is expertly designed for smooth cruising around town. Its wheel wells are strategically placed to prevent wheel bite, ensuring a hassle-free ride.

Equipped with a pair of Havoc Aluminum Alloy Trucks, this setup offers the perfect combination of strength and lightness. The aluminum alloy construction provides durability while maintaining a lightweight feel. The trucks come with a flush kingpin, minimizing grinding hangups, and feature cast polyurethane bushings for enhanced maneuverability. The hanger measures 6.0", offering stability and control during rides.

The deck is paired with the exceptional Bigfoot Pathfinders, measuring 70mm x 45mm with a 39mm contact patch. These wheels are poured using the latest 80a SHR formula, guaranteeing a smooth and predictable ride. Designed with freeriding and sliding in mind, the stone-ground contact patch, center-set clear hub, and acute angled lips provide the optimal balance of grip and slip for thrilling maneuvers.

Whether you're cruising the streets or engaging in freeriding adventures, this deck setup, complete with Havoc Aluminum Alloy Trucks and Bigfoot Pathfinders, offers an exceptional riding experience. Enjoy the seamless combination of performance, durability, and versatility provided by this thoughtfully engineered setup.