Powell Peralta Steve Caballero Street Reissue Skateboard Deck Black Stain - 9.625 x 29.75

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Powell-Peralta's reissued decks are meticulous recreations of their originals from the 1980s, mirroring the authentic graphics, shape, and concave on both sides. By 1987, street skating was on a meteoric rise. Steve Caballero was not only a standout in vert skating but also dominated the "Street-Style" scene. Recognizing this shift, Powell-Peralta introduced a distinct Cab deck, tailored for street skating. The talented V.C. Johnson envisioned a fresh dragon design set against a backdrop of bats and bones. Reflecting Cab's fascination with Batman, his name was crafted in a bat silhouette. To top it off, the Powell-Peralta emblem was designed using the iconic Animal Chin typeface, encapsulating the era's vibe.