Protec Pads Jr. Street Gear 3-Pack - Open Back - Camo

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Pro-Tec's Junior 3 Pack pad set is tailored for the upcoming generation of adventurous skaters. These young enthusiasts often possess an abundance of fearlessness, making it essential to equip them with a comprehensive set of protective pads. This ensures that they can make swift progress in their skills while minimizing the risk of frequent injuries.

To withstand the rough and tumble nature of youthful exuberance, we've designed these pads with exceptional durability. They feature abrasion-resistant nylon, robust plastic caps, flexible neoprene stretch panels, and plush EVA padding for comfort. Notably, the knee pads now incorporate a convenient hook and loop closure system, eliminating the need to remove your shoes when putting them on.

For added convenience, the set is packaged in a reusable mesh bag, allowing you to keep everything organized when not in use. This not only keeps your gear neatly stored but also reduces wasteful packaging, aligning with our commitment to a more environmentally friendly approach.