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The Shake Junt Grip "Sylla" is a premium skateboard grip tape that measures 9 inches by 33 inches, designed to fit most standard skateboard decks. This grip tape pays tribute to the unique style and talent of the French skateboarder, Aurelien Giraud, who is known for his technical prowess and creative approach to skateboarding.

The Shake Junt Grip "Sylla" features a visually captivating design that combines bold colors, intricate patterns, and urban aesthetics. Inspired by graffiti and street art, the grip tape showcases a fusion of vibrant hues and dynamic shapes, creating an eye-catching and energetic visual display. The design reflects Aurelien Giraud's innovative and fearless approach to skateboarding, capturing the essence of his dynamic personality on and off the board.

Crafted with high-quality materials, the Shake Junt Grip "Sylla" offers exceptional durability and performance. It features a reliable adhesive backing and a medium-grain texture that provides optimal grip and control. This allows skateboarders to maintain a solid connection with their board, enabling them to execute tricks and maneuvers with confidence and precision.

Beyond its functional benefits, the Shake Junt Grip "Sylla" serves as a stylish expression of individuality and a symbol of admiration for Aurelien Giraud's influential skateboarding career. By applying this grip tape to your skateboard, you can showcase your appreciation for his groundbreaking tricks and contributions to the skateboarding community.

Whether you're a fan of Aurelien Giraud or simply seeking a high-quality grip tape that combines style and performance, the Shake Junt Grip "Sylla" is an excellent choice. Its visually striking design, durability, and reliable grip make it a popular option among skateboarders who value both functionality and artistic expression on their boards.