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The Shake Junt Grip "Wright" is a high-quality skateboard grip tape that measures 9 inches by 33 inches, designed to fit most standard skateboard decks. This grip tape pays homage to the iconic skateboarder, Andrew Reynolds, also known as "The Boss," who is the co-founder of Shake Junt and a legendary figure in the skateboarding community.

The design of the Shake Junt Grip "Wright" captures the spirit of Andrew Reynolds' skateboarding style and persona. It features a combination of bold graphics and intricate details, showcasing a unique blend of vibrant colors and urban aesthetics. The grip tape incorporates elements inspired by street art, graffiti, and skateboard culture, creating a visually striking and edgy look.

Constructed with durability and performance in mind, the Shake Junt Grip "Wright" offers a high-quality adhesive backing and a medium-grain texture. This ensures excellent grip and control, allowing skateboarders to maintain a solid connection with their board while performing tricks and maneuvers. The grip tape's reliable traction gives riders the confidence to push their limits and ride with precision.

Beyond its functional attributes, the Shake Junt Grip "Wright" also serves as a statement piece that represents the rebellious and creative spirit of skateboarding. It allows skateboarders to express their individuality and pay tribute to Andrew Reynolds' influential contributions to the sport.

Whether you're an ardent fan of Andrew Reynolds or simply looking for a reliable grip tape that delivers performance and style, the Shake Junt Grip "Wright" is an excellent choice. Its eye-catching design, durability, and superior grip make it a popular option among skateboarders who value both aesthetics and functionality on their boards.