Street surfing longboard 36" kicktail rumble jumble

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Introducing the Rumble Jungle Kicktail Longboard by Street Surfing. This exceptional board measures 8.5" x 36" and boasts a 23" wheelbase with a 0.39" concave for enhanced control. Crafted with precision using 8 plies of high-quality Canadian Maple, it offers superior durability and strength.

Equipped with reliable Aluminum 7" reverse kingpin trucks, this longboard ensures smooth and responsive turns. The 65mm x 47mm 78A wheels provide a perfect balance of speed and grip, while the Abec 9 Bearings ensure a smooth and fast ride. To top it off, the deck comes with black griptape for optimal traction.

Designed specifically for street cruising and urban maneuverability, the Rumble Jungle Kicktail Longboard delivers an exceptional riding experience. It combines the right blend of stability and maneuverability, allowing riders to effortlessly navigate through the city streets and pull off impressive tricks with ease.